VPN and virtual machines

The joys of using a VPN to protect your Internet connection

VPN and virtual machines

Use a VPN implies that we can access virtually anywhere in the network without any geographical restriction, no matter where we are physically. The reason? That will allow us to access through multiple servers located elsewhere in the world other than where we are.

Security and privacy are other points in his favor, especially if we need to send or receive sensitive information through the network. And while we can always opt for proxy and services tools that hide the IP of our device, to the opt for a VPN we are choosing to establish a secure connection between your computer and the server.

Already in a more business context, it enables a company’s employees to access remotely to their networks and servers unless the security is compromised. One of its virtues is that it is not too expensive services and that we can even find options that are worth for free.

Finally, they are easy to use, let us connect and disconnect easily at whim (once set up) and it works with multiple applications by routing all Internet traffic.

Best VPN networks are also commonly used to skipping geographical restrictions of certain services. For example, take the case that the display of a video content only is available for users from the United States. As well, this type of connection will allow us to tell the website that we are in this country.

When we talk about restrictions, we can not refer to those having to do with censorship imposed by certain totalitarian governments to their citizens. A way to see the news and information from the outside world without vetoes, however, isn’t perfect (as we will see later).

Now its possible to be truly anonymous while browsing the web thanks to the VPN servers

Collation of this and given that allow us to hide the navigation data, they are ideal to connect via a public Wi-Fi in a cafe or hotel (for example) and that our information is intercepted. We found another common use in P2P downloads, although we must bear in mind that some providers block them.

In the corporate world is the area in which his career is more extensive. In fact, they constitute a common resource for multinationals with offices in several countries, which allow its employees to work and access to a unique private secure network.

Aside from the commented on Netflix, it is not the only one that blocks the use of VPNs. iPlayer, the BBC video service, began to veto them in late October of the year passed after eight years of operation. And also do some countries with extreme control of its citizens policies.

It is the case of China, which banned the use of these connections almost two years ago. A proposal consistent with the censorship and surveillance of the Asian giant and a movement that is logical to keep his cibersoberania, however, and as expected, was tremendously controversial.

Likewise, neither can lose sight of that increase our privacy and security are not infallible. In fact, use a VPN does not imply that our navigation is anonymous (the ideal to achieve this would be to use it with Tor). By questioning their safety, we are referring to those based on the PPTP protocol. Distort the location isn’t possible always, especially when we use it through your mobile phone. Speed, finally, is another point that suffers.

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